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National Insurance Building, Athens

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The ingress of natural light within this project had to be carefully considered particularly in relation to the Congress Hall and Lobby, which were essentially underground. In contrast the office building with its large atrium volume enjoyed an abundance of natural daylight penetration.

dpa worked closely with the local project architect Irena Sakellaridou, Athens, who in turn was working in association with Mario Botta. It was important for their to be harmony between natural light and the artificial lighting installation.

Within the atrium the flying glass bridges are bathed with natural light in the daytime from above via a large roof light. In the evening the reverse of this is achieved with integrated lighting to the underside of the bridge, lighting through the frosted glass.

Recessed light fixtures are integrated within the vertical portions of the Congress Hall and Lobby skylights so that the daytime lit opening can be replicated at night, so as to express this architectural feature throughout the day.

   "Right Light, Right Place, Right Time"