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Residential Lighting Consultancy Service

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dpa lighting consultants are award winning, international lighting designers who have been established since 1958. The Practice is involved with a wide range of projects, internationally and locally to each office. We are involved in some of the largest developments in the world but we are also involved in small scale commissions and enjoy these as much as the larger projects. In fact the smallest project we have ever undertaken is the lighting of a single picture in someone's home. We enjoy being involved with the lighting of residential properties of all types and strongly believe that well considered and designed lighting can improve the quality of a home, as well as increasing its value. The majority of our residential work is for individuals who want their living space, both internal and external, to be special.

One of the most important aspects of dpa is that we are independent lighting consultants, we do not supply lights, receive commissions or install lighting equipment. We simply act as a professional consultant on our client's behalf to produce the best lighting solutions and obtain best value for each and every project.

Our lighting design service can be tailored to suit the individual project and the client's requirements. Set out below are two options, the first provides expert guidance and direction at an exceptionally reasonable cost, the second is a full design service. Many other variations can be organised as appropriate.

1. Residential Lighting Consultancy Service

For clients who just feel they would like some expert direction and guidance at a very reasonable fee, we are happy to offer a half day consultancy service. This can either take place at our offices, or in your home. It is important that if the consultation takes place in our office, the client brings drawings and/or photographs to discuss the various rooms or garden areas that are under consideration. It is also important that, for internal areas, the client has considered where furniture, pictures and any other significant elements might be placed within each space, although this can be discussed and developed during the consultation.

We will review your home and the rooms under consideration, gain an understanding of how you want to use each area and then discuss various lighting ideas that may be appropriate. We will also provide guidance on the lighting controls, which we believe are just as important as the lights themselves.

At the end of the half day review, you will have a series of ideas on how best to approach the lighting of each room and suggestions on lighting control. As you will appreciate, this service does not include drawings or a detailed design, but it will provide excellent guidance from a highly experienced independent lighting design Practice, that has proven to be invaluable to clients in the past.

The cost of this service is £300.00 + any travel expenses + VAT. If the consultation takes place in your home, this service is based on the property being within 45 minutes travel time of one of our offices. Should it be further, an additional charge related to the additional travel time would be agreed prior to the commission.

2. Residential Lighting Full Design Service

Stage One - Conceptual Design

a) Visit the property, obtain and understanding of its context and gain a full brief from the client/any other professionals as appropriate.
b) Consider various lighting techniques following the briefing and formulate a conceptual lighting strategy for each interior and exterior space within the Scope of Work.
c) Prepare conceptual lighting layouts for all areas within the Scope of Work using base drawings provided by others.
d) Consider the lighting control strategy for each space.
e) Carry out internal design review within dpa offices and coordinate as necessary with the client and architect if appropriate.
f) Prepare mood images for each area within the Scope of Work.
g) Prepare generic luminaire and lamp schedules with budget costs for the supply of lighting equipment.
h) Present the conceptual lighting proposals to the client/other professionals as appropriate.

Stage Two - Detailed Design

a) Obtain feedback from Stage One presentation and incorporate as appropriate.
b) Prepare final lighting layouts for all areas within the Scope of Work.
c) Prepare dimming/switching group drawings within all areas within the Scope of Work.
d) Prepare sketch details as appropriate.
e) Prepare detailed lamp and luminaire schedules with costs for supply of equipment.
f) Obtain special project prices from lighting manufacturers for our clients so they benefit from trade prices or discounted trade prices.
g) Obtain quotations for control systems and specify as appropriate.
h) Carry out coordination meetings with the client/other professionals as appropriate.
i) Present the Detailed Design Package and issue as appropriate.

Stage Three - Site Supervision

a) Attend site as required.
b) Answer queries from the contractor and client as appropriate.
c) Coordinate with the lighting manufacturers/suppliers as appropriate.

Stage Four - Final Set Up

a) Attend site and supervise the aiming of all the adjustable lights.
b) Carry out an inspection of the lighting installation and prepare a snagging list as appropriate.
c) Supervise the setting up of the control system as appropriate.
d) Return to site after all snagging items are rectified to carry out a final inspection and report back as appropriate.

The cost of a full service is variable and depends on the Scope of Work and a number of other elements. To establish a fee for this type of approach we would have an initial meeting at no cost to the client to discuss the project after which we would submit a fee proposal based on the information agreed.

   "Right Light, Right Place, Right Time" TM