Night of Heritage Light – Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

dpa Lighting Consultants were delighted to be involved in creating the Night of Heritage Light on 1st October, and seeing one of these World Heritage sites in a way that nobody has before. This project shows the potential of light to present the world around us in a completely new way, but it also demonstrates the versatility of light and the technology behind it.

Lighting is an art as well as a science, and it’s been really exciting and a lot of fun for us to take part in this event with the SLL. We hope it will inspire the next generation of lighters, and remind others of the huge role lighting plays in their daily lives.

Light Tunnel

dpa were recently invited to participate in designing an installation for the inaugural darc Night Awards, held on 24th September 2015.  This was a unique event held to celebrate the darc awards and to also showcase a series of light installations from collaborations between lighting designers and manufacturer partners.

“Light is our guide.  Light assists when darkness falls.  But what if light were a barrier?  An obstruction?  Enter the Light Tunnel, where you must find your own way.”

Light Tunnel creates the illusion of a seemingly impassable route by utilising a series of full height lit vertical lines placed carefully so the participant perceives a barrier that prohibits them from travelling through.  The use of mirrors to the ceiling, walls and the edges of the lit profiles provides infinite inter-reflections, extending reality and the sense of obstruction so one is left to discover the pre-defined passage. Dynamic control of the installation alters the appearance of the Light Tunnel, ensuring continuous way finding adjustment amongst the blurred visual boundaries.

The installation used homogenous illuminated double faced tunable white and RGB modules complete with mirrored side facias. Each light element was installed at floor to ceiling within a secondary tunnel structure designed to conceal the existing building fabric with mirrors continuing along the entire ceiling length.


For the Mike Stoane Park Event 2015, Tommaso Gimigliano and Ingo Kalecinski from our dpa London studio, continued their research and experimentations into wearable light, wellbeing and boundaries.

Following their previous creation, the NeckLED, this year the two designers focussed their attention on hands and created two self-illuminated rings that represent a metaphor for a wearable aura of light, able to instil wellbeing and define the boundaries of a personal micro-cosmos of warmth and comfort. Stylistically this exercise concentrates on enhancing the beautiful minimalism and complexity of the lenses used in the lighting industry to collimate the light beam of the LED light sources. The lenses become gigantic precious stones mounted on an essential ring-like brass structure housing the battery and the light source as well.

The creations are titled, Jas & Jo LED in honour of the two models and fellow dpa team members Jasmin and Johanna, who kindly wore them in these photographs and on the evening of the event.

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