Forty International Lighting Design Stars of the Future

Lighting Magazine have published 40 under Forty featuring “forty international lighting design stars of the future”, which celebrates the 40th annual Lighting Design Awards.

We are delighted that Shayne Grist and Rachael Nicholls, Senior Designers at dpa, have been selected in this group.

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When Lighting Meets Retail

Johanna Medina, Senior Designer at dpa lighting consultants was invited in May this year to give a lecture at The London College of Fashion. The lecture was designed to help students understand the importance of good lighting design in a retail context, as the students were in the process of designing a pop-up shop for their final end of year project.

Johanna discussed the theory of light and new technologies, as well as Lighting Design as a profession and showed examples of retail projects where spaces have been enhanced by light, created a strong/positive experience for the customer/end user, but at the same time presented the products correctly.