Banbury Cross,

The External Environment

The existing Banbury Cross is the fourth Cross to be built in the town. The brief was to light the whole structure so that it presented a dominant presence in the vicinity and to ensure that there was no discomfort or disability glare from the luminaires.

The lighting design is resolved with two types of luminaire: in-ground narrow beam uplights with sculpture lenses and pole mounted floodlights with narrow beams and sculpture lenses.

The lamps types selected are cool white metal halide to provide a contrast with the high pressure sodium of the street lighting.

The selected positions for the in-ground uplights provide accent lighting to each of the three statues within niches. The sculpture lens and the narrow beam reflector provide well controlled lighting to the statues with no spill light which otherwise could cause glare to passing traffic.

The pole mounted floodlights with sculpture lens and narrow beam reflector were mounted on nearby street lighting poles at a height that allowed for the light beam to be directed upwards to illuminate the whole of the steeple from the statues to the cross without spill light.