Barfly by Buddha Bar – Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah

A Neo-Baroque concept decorated with warm reds, gold steel, and aubergine tones and colours. The latest destination from the world-famous Buddha-Bar stable, Barfly is a rich and exquisite explosion to the senses. Challenging the concepts of bar, dining, and entertainment, the concept by George V Eatertainment and detailing by Design Wapler & Associates set a high bar for the lighting design. We were tasked with creating and implementing a successful lighting strategy for all the front-of-house areas.

The venue is rich with material, objects of interest, and pockets of excitement coupled with sound and taste. The lighting design had to seamlessly fit in with the interior story without distracting from it, placing emphasis just where needed. Discreet luminaires allow as much integration into the fabric of the interior as possible, with judicial placing to highlight points of interest and promote contrast and shadow. Dimming and optic controls were significant in creating the required mood and atmosphere as the day and evening progress to the late hours.

Client: Hilton Hotels and Resorts / Barfly by Buddha-Bar
Interior Designer: George V Eatertainment and Design Wapler & Associates
Photography: North Digital