Bonnington Tower,

The External Environment

The Bonnington Hotel, Jumeirah Lake Towers is a luxuriously designed 5 star hotel with a selection of bars and restaurants as well as business facilities and SPA. In the heart of the Jumeira Lake complex the towers stand out with a cohesive lighting treatment against the skyline. The unique spa facilities sitting up in the middle of the building offer views of the surrounding areas as well as visually lighten the structure.

dpa were tasked with both the interior and exterior façade lighting design.

The external lighting approach was to accent the interesting features of the building façade as well as provide a human scale solution to the base of the building as well as to provide grounding to the overall building form. The strong horizontal architectural features are further expressed with point light sources at window bays to give the illusion of “horizontal light banding” in a simple and effective way. Up lighting to the mid-level spa soffit provides a floating impression of the “cavity” accommodating the pool terrace which also provides a subtle touch of colour to contrast with the otherwise all white lighting scheme. Selective areas of the base of the building are treated to both hotel and residences entrances providing focus to guests and residents with a cohesive lighting scheme wrapping around the building.

For the interior areas, the impressive entrance and lobby are enhanced with carefully concealed and appropriate lighting floating ceiling and wall planes with supplementary accent lighting to the interior which compliments the overall setting. Reflective floor finishes provide interesting “mirroring” of lit ceiling and wall planes to create interest and depth to the spaces whilst complimenting a contrasting material pallet with enhanced accent to specific interior elements.

Healey’s Bar sits comfortably next to the Lobby and also has a dedicated entrance from the street level. Contrasting dark timber and leather are complimented with the sparkle, glow and shimmering light of glass and crystal to the central bar and decorative feature lighting.

Adjoining the lobby, the Authors’ Lounge is treated with a similar sensitivity with integrated and accent lighting to compliment the interior as well as provide balance to the adjacent double height Cavendish Restaurant below as well as protect views through the large windows by keeping them clear. Art and interior features are married with lighting accent to provide an interesting interior which physically connects with the Restaurant below.

The Cavendish Restaurant below the lobby lounge continues in theme and quality with the crystal feature dominating the central space and providing further connection with the upper areas through accent lighting.

For the Guest Rooms and Suites, a simple and elegant lighting solution has been developed again to provide interest and accent to the interior finishes, materials and volume. Low level concealed lighting provides ambience with a minimal use of ceiling lighting and warm white light is used to provide a domestic ambience and warmth.