The Bullring WCs,

Public Buildings

The interior concept evolved around two themes, organic & clustered, with designs that challenged the normal, institutionalised approach to WC facilities. Based around a vibrant palette of colours and finishes to provide elements of commonality within significantly diverse spatial configurations, the design aims to provide clarity, simplicity and the elimination of visual clutter, with clean ceiling planes.

It was also essential to acknowledge the operational requirements inherent in public WCs regarding safety, security (CCTV), maintenance and cost of operation. The lighting design therefore sought to enhance and re-inforce the interior design concepts with the ‘normal’ proven benefits of typical, fluorescent installations.

The basis for this lighting design is the revelation of the architecture, its form, function and finishes by illumination to key surfaces, with variations in surface brightness a key aspect of this. From this fundamental position and the opportunities inherent within the conceptual design we established a number of key integrated lighting solutions to ensure appropriate levels of brightness could be achieved.