Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Capital Gate is an iconic 35-storey gravity defying tower, featuring the 5-star hotel Hyatt Capital Gate. The visually stunning tower has been built using some of the world’s most advanced construction techniques and leans an astonishing 18-degrees westward. In June 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records certified Capital Gate as the “World’s furthest leaning man-made tower.”

dpa were commissioned to design the lighting for both the interior public areas of the Hotel & Tower, and the exterior facade and landscaping.

The Facade is a self supporting, highly engineered, diagrid structure. The challenge of showcasing this unique form at night, whilst adhering to the restraints of not penetrating the ‘skin’ of the building or having lighting equipment visible from inside and out, was met by a novel, integrated and flexible approach to the lighting design. Approximately 700 colour change LED ‘pixels’ have been specially integrated directly behind the outer glass surface to create a dynamic shroud of lighting that continually emulates and exaggerates the form and appearance of the tower. The tower is visually linked to the exhibition centre by highlighting the ‘splash’ edge and emphasising its sweep over the grandstand.

The interior spaces were equally challenging in that the advantageous views of the Abu Dhabi cityscape were to be preserved and unwanted internal reflections in the glazing had to be kept to a minimum. At the same time the lighting to the contemporary and sophisticated interiors had to be of the high standard that Hyatt and ADNEC demand. From the ground floor lobby with its stunning feature chandelier which changes in intensity and shades of white through the day and evening, to the signature restaurant and sky view spa, the interior lighting is sympathetically implemented and automatically controlled to add to the experience of the Hotel guests.