The Cardiovascular Institute Hospital, Japan

Public Buildings

dpa’s lighting philosophy for the Hospital was to ensure patients are relaxed upon arrival and throughout their visit. To realise this, indirect lighting techniques were used to provide soft illumination to the ceilings and vertical surfaces, minimising glare. Warm colour temperature light sources were selected to impress a feeling of hospitality.

This warm and relaxing concept has also been applied to the Hospital entrance, to provide a welcoming environment, accentuating the columns with warm white light and providing soft pools of light onto the floor. The interior lighting forms part of the external lit appearance; with the illumination of the internal walls putting the horizontal bands of the façade into relief.

Within the Waiting Hall, concealed linear lighting to ceiling coves express the various architectural planes, which collide and overlap. Concealed lighting around the top of columns reduces the impact of the large vertical structures, creating the effect that the columns continue through the ceiling.

The employee’s Dining Hall benefits from high levels of natural light during the day, from the glazed façade. Decorative pendants have been used over tables to provide good levels of ambient light for evening dining. Artwork has been softly illuminated via a concealed linear light source built into the interior architecture.