Christ’s Chapel, Dulwich

As part of the refurbishment works for Christ’s Chapel, Dulwich, a new lighting scheme was required to elevate both the atmosphere and functionality of the space. dpa’s final scheme not only addressed the practical requirements of the chapel but also accentuated its numerous liturgical elements and highlighted the 17th-century architecture.

The chapel’s obvious highlights, such as columns, altar, reredos, and stained-glass windows became integral elements in the design. In addition, dpa aimed to enhance the more subtle elements within the space by employing lighting equipment that seamlessly blended with the traditional architecture.

High-level track-mounted spotlights were strategically placed to offer a discreet yet flexible and functional lighting solution for the altar. Simultaneously, these spotlights accentuated the decorative reredos, serving as a focal point in the chancel area of the chapel.

Recessed downlights were used to illuminate feature plaques along the perimeter, while miniature lighting fixtures were installed to focus attention to the decorative shields and central font at the rear of the chapel.

Soft, warm-toned LED uplights delicately grazed the textured surfaces, accentuating the structural elegance while creating a soothing ambiance to the perimeter window frames and throughout the chapel.

Client: The Dulwich Estate
Photography: dpa Lighting Consultants