Embassy Dubai, UAE

The acclaimed Embassy Dubai is the latest edition of the legendary London Venue that has rapidly become one of the most chic hotspots in town. Situated on three floors at the top of the new Grosvenor House Hotel Tower 2, the venue dubbed as a supper and members club, has spectacular 360º views of the Dubai Marina and Arabian Gulf and is a regular haunt of celebrities and the Dubai elite.

In collaboration with renowned interior designers, LW Design Group, dpa helped to create a lighting design befitting of the club’s clientele and pedigree. From the glitter and sparkle of artwork display cases to the intimate and stylish private rooms, the rich variety of materials and finishes are accentuated with light to reinforce the luxurious and fashionable interiors. Upon arrival in the exclusive elevator, the journey of light and texture is followed through to every space and detail, with deliberate varying atmospheres and ambience for the dining, dancing, social and private areas. The lighting techniques used are designed not to overpower the interiors in their own right, but to provide contrast and excitement in an environment where you want to be in and be seen.

Client: Grosvenor House Dubai
Interior Designer: LW Design Group