McGettigan’s Factory, Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah

We were delighted to have been involved in the first upmarket brand from the Irish pub group and in such a prestigious location. The interiors designed by Frank Ennis and Associates are industrial eclectic with a wide collection of nostalgia, decorative pieces, and varied materials. The large venue is also divided into different areas of experience to cater for a range of guests. Our brief was to work closely with the brand and designers to create a lighting scheme for all front-of-house areas and for all times of operation. The biggest challenge presented to us was the sheer number of visual elements, structures, materials, and textures on the walls and ceilings. Added to this were the performance areas with theatrical lighting, video displays, and high atmosphere. These had to be balanced, prioritised, and enhanced with a sympathetic and dynamic lighting strategy. Special care and attention were given to the selection of luminaires that were either rustic, theatrical or industrial in aesthetic to match the theme of the interior, all the while retaining good light performance. All the luminaires throughout the project are digitally controlled to allow us to set a variety of moods and atmospheres throughout the hours of operation and within the different areas of activity.

Client: Hilton Hotels and Resorts / Factory by McGettigan’s
Interior Designer: Frank Ennis & Associates
Photography: North Digital