FranQueenSense is a new Japanese fashion brand and this store is the first store to open in Tokyo, designed by top London design consultancy Universal Design Studio.

dpa lighting design worked closely with UDS to develop an integrated lighting design solution where the light sources were as integrated as possible into the interior design.

The interior concept was a white rectilinear box within which was suspended a custom made ‘chandelier’ constructed of lenses in a curved and sinuous formation to contrast with the perimeter walls and ceiling.

There were two main elements for the lighting concept; to illuminate the product with good contrast and colour rendering and to make the ‘chandelier’ glow.

Light sources were concealed within slot details or within deep recessed multiple-lamp ‘pin-hole’ luminaires.

Tungsten halogen and metal halide light sources were used for ambient and display lighting with continuous fluorescent lighting within a perimeter ceiling cove to enhance the perimeter of the space. 

External photography courtesy of Universal Design Studios.