London Heathrow
Northern Entrance

The External Environment

The geometry of the three-tiered retaining walls is emphasised by a series of compact fluorescent marker lights, which create a datum for each tier of the embankment wall. The apparent colour of the dichroic lenses changes with the viewing angle, so that they shift from blue through pink to white, as drivers navigate the roundabout. The spacing of the marker lights is also compressed closer to the bridge, to reinforce the sense of arrival at the airport

Asymmetric metal halide uplights with deep blue filters illuminate the pre-cast concrete soffit of Nimrod Bridge. The upward wash of blue light is punctuated by a grid of virtually maintenance-free white LED luminaires mounted on the underside of the concrete soffit spanning the roadway. The supporting columns are accented by a series of narrow beam downlights, which graze light down each vertical face, effectively grounding the illuminated soffit overhead.