Hilton Hotel,


The recently completed Hilton Hotel, Helsinki has a sleek and contemporary interior with interior features that have been seamlessly integrated with lighting elements.

This project is of particular interest and relevance given it’s aspiration to be exceptionally environmentally friendly. dpa‘s challenge was to design the interior lighting to satisfy the stringent requirements of the Finnish energy standards.

The brief called for long life, high efficacy sources which dpa were happy to embrace. We felt strongly that high efficacy sources could be used over a large majority of the project, but that there was a need for the quality of Tungsten in the bar and restaurant and this was accepted by all concerned. We utilised dimmable fluorescents, cold cathode and MR16 metal halide lamps throughout the project to create visual interest and an appropriate ambiance in transient spaces including the Reception area.

A considered approach to concealing energy efficient lighting components to accentuate the interior with the extensive use of ceiling slots offered an opportunity to provide visual interest by exposing various wall materials such as slate, timber, delicate fabrics and other textural materials. In addition to the linear lighting (LED, cold cathode and linear fluorescent), mini bright spot metal halide lamps were used in order to minimise visual clutter in the ceiling and to provide accent lighting.

A minimal use of LV tungsten halogen was permitted and used within the dining areas and only to accent tables. These were reduced wattage 35w IRC lamps to further conserve energy.

An architectural dimming system was also used to further provide energy saving with dimming as well as the use of a time clock to enable lighting to be switched off at time of low occupancy.

The final result was a highly efficient lighting system that maintained visual interest and drama, is easy to operate and a great success.