Luxe Nightclub,
Crystal Symphony Cruise Ship


Crystal Cruises International wished to add a nightclub to their successful cruise liner, the Crystal Symphony. A nightclub, like any other leisure facility, needs to offer visual interest and stimulation while simultaneously being a comfortable environment that the guest can enjoy a drink in. Early in the design process the concept of a “glowing coloured box” was developed. All of the surfaces were to be washed in saturated coloured light, while warm white lighting at the bar and over seating and tables would provide a “haven” to anchor the eyes.

dpa researched the appropriate technologies, and specified a modular colour-mixing LED system. This was incorporated in wall-washing luminaires above the white perimeter curtains, into Barrisol panels in the ceiling, and within custom-built internally-illuminated tables to the seating areas. Compact fluorescent lamps were also integrated into the Barrisol ceiling panels to provide bright light for cleaning without the addition of visible lighting fixtures.

The resulting colour-mixing system was programmed with slow, barely perceptible colour changes that occur over the course of a number of minutes. These automatic colour changes, together with the dimming levels of the warm white tungsten halogen lighting, were integrated into a simple control plate that the bar staff or DJ can use to select the appropriate lighting for the time of day and the use of the room.