OKKU Restaurant, Dubai, UAE

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Lighting is used appropriately and concealed where possible with dark ceilings proposed so that each area appears as a stage set with the lighting disappearing into the inky darkness above. This provided opportunities to accent key interior elements with lighting and provide contrasting shadows to create dramatic backdrops to the various spaces. The interior spaces consist of ground and mezzanine floors with the entrance, bar and main restaurant located on the ground floor with specialty bar and private dining rooms on the mezzanine.

The dark areas or shadows within the interiors play as important a role as the light itself. A consistent approach to lighting is maintained throughout these following key spaces, which are illustrated below.

The lighting to the entrance area provides focus at the threshold and through to the maitre’d by accenting key interior elements such as the textured walls, timber and stone surfaces.

Leading from the maitre’d station the feature walls guide the guest along a “catwalk” of shimmering light to one side which acts as a screen to the restaurant.

Reflective surfaces multiply the lighting treatment which is dimmed to appropriate levels through the day and night scenes. A combination of up and down lighting to the banquette areas create a different ambience to the transitional spaces, creating more intimacy where needed.

The striking bar runs parallel with the “catwalk” with golden light of the bottle display contrasts with the magical mauve tinted jelly fish along the entire back bar.

The detail of the sushi counter shows simple backlighting expressing the forms of the Japanese tableware.

The stunning private dining rooms to the mezzanine maintain the intimacy of lighting to specific interior elements and tables allowing the inky darkness of the ceilings to recede and provide intimate spaces.