Private Residence,

Featured Project / Residential

The interior lighting of this elegant and eclectic residential project was designed and completed a couple of years ago, but it was only when the garden lighting scheme was installed and the lighting control commissioned that photographs could be taken.

The owner, whose “hands-on” approach combined with a keen eye for detail, has transformed a modest and fairly utilitarian house into a highly desirable residence.

The lighting design, developed with the Owner, focuses on enhancing the interiors through the lighting of artwork and features within the interiors. A combination of LED and low voltage tungsten halogen sources have been used along with lighting control via a Rako system.

The rear garden of the property has been similarly carefully designed. Concealed and well placed lighting fixtures, controlled again using a Rako system have contributed in creating a garden of elegance with a wealth of visual interest.

Photography Courtesy of Redshift Photography