St James’ Gateway, London, UK

St James’s Gateway is situated a stone’s throw from the bustling metropolis of Piccadilly Circus. The mixed residential and office redevelopment is eye catching, though its use of modern lines, while strongly reflecting modern design values. The façades also benefits from two integrated sculptures designed by Richard Deacon.

External Façades – Piccadilly, One Eagle Place, Jermyn Street and Clydesdale Bank Facade.

The facades are a mixture of modern and existing rebuilt classical designs. The design philosophy, was to sympathetically illuminate the rhythm of the architecture, while drawing the eye towards its features. The emphasis from the outset was to minimize cable runs and ensure the lighting equipment, was as concealed and as unobtrusive as possible. We did this by using mainly surface mounted warm white Metal Halide projectors and linear LED luminaries. Bespoke luminaires were developed with manufactures to ensure the equipment was as discreet as possible.

Internal Lighting – 18 – 21 Jermyn Street – Residential Apartments and 27 Regent Street – Residential Apartments.

The internal entrance spaces are of a clean cut modern architectural design. This look and feel was taken through and reflected within the internal residential spaces. The design was built up using layers of light, controlled through a scene set lighting control system, tailored to serve each of the rooms different functions.