I.T. Beijing, China


The architects aimed to create a calming retail space with a gallery quality; using architectural insertions to curate the brands in a restrained environment. An ascending journey from ground to first was created using levels and encouraging movement. Utilizing floor space efficiently; maximising space and circulation were all key client requirements, while engaging customers with intrigue and moments of visual surprise. The architects inspiration was drawn from Abstract artist Ben Nicholson and sculptor Herve Van Der Straeten. This resulted in a dark neutral minimalist material palette, using hot rolled steel, brushed steel and honed marble.

All lighting was bespoke and manufactured locally. CMH MR16 lamps were used to accent light and create contrast, while LED was integrated into track systems to draw customers through the space and pick up on the rhythm of the architecture. Great effort was directed towards the detail design drawings, as these would form the backbone for the local manufacturers to work to.