Winchester Discovery Centre,

Public Buildings

The old Winchester Jewry Street Library (now Winchester Discovery Centre) has undergone a dramatic architectural and facility transformation from a tired 1960’s interior within a striking architectural envelope into a carefully restored and developed cultural centre in the heart of Winchester.

Careful detailing of the lighting integrated into the interior and exterior fabric of the building allowed specific and important lighting features to enhance the interior and also the external appearance.

Internally an important and focal element is the central circular mezzanine which was further accented with continuous linear lighting. This also provides energy efficient functional lighting as well as helps to lighten the ceiling on the ground floor. Lighting to the skylight is controlled so that it only accents the structure and feature blinds at night. Adjustable metal halide narrow beam spotlights accent and provide functional lighting to the central stair, which leads to the gallery. Simple but impact signage further draws the visitors up to the mezzanine to the gallery.

General lighting is coordinated within the acoustic ceiling with emergency lighting predominantly utilising the functional lighting to reduce the number of dedicated emergency luminaries.

Another important feature which holds the central lending spaces on the ground and first floors is the concealed linear lighting detail to the perimeter bookcases. This provide perimeter focus and functional lighting to the predominantly display books around the perimeter whilst the more stock books are lit by general down lights coordinated between bookshelves to provide the appropriate vertical illumination.

To the extension, lighting is integrated into dedicated ceiling slots housing fixed downlights for the functional layer of lighting with track luminaries providing flexibility to displays and the café area seating. LV tungsten halogen lamps were used sparingly to the seating at the large windows so that the light levels could be balanced against the darker external courtyard.

The external lighting is simple and entirely appropriate to celebrate the architectural detailing at low and high level.

All lighting is controlled on a time clock to provide further energy efficient possibilities.