Yuan Chinese Restaurant, Dubai, UAE

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Yuan Restaurant is the latest dining destination at the world renowned Atlantis Palm Jumeirah. The restaurant is contemporary Chinese with a traditional twist, offering modern food with time honoured traditions. This philosophy is carried throughout the interior spaces to bring an exciting and elegant experience to Yuans guests.

dpa had the pleasure of being part of the design team to design the interior lighting to the front of house spaces.

The space is varied with multi-levels of materials, vistas and areas of focus. The lighting needed to be totally discreet and complement the space without being obvious, but at the same time provide the ambience, accent and functional lighting the restaurant required. The restaurant features different layers of surfaces, with a variety of defined materials and colour palettes . A main objective and briefing for dpa was to work with the least possible numbers of luminaires mounted in the ceiling, and to use concealed lighting where possible to add to the ambience without compromising the focus and interest of the space.

A key consideration when designing a project of this nature is the specification of an Architectural Lighting Control System. This enables programming and balancing of all lighting elements, not only according to the time of the day, but to the time of the season.
The lighting control system controls a number of luminaire groups balanced and programmed according to the time of day and night. There are a number of preset scenes for the daytime, lunch time dining, early and late night.

Operator: Atlantis The Palm Limited
Architect: Noor
Interior Designer: Steve Leung Designers
M&E Consultant : Crown House Technology UAE LLC