Mullingar Park Hotel, Ireland


We were very fortunate to work with the Client and Operator, Josephine Hughes at the Mullingar Park Hotel in County Westmeath in Ireland along with Interior Designer Angela Amesbury. Together, they have created a beautiful destination hotel where dpa have been engaged in a number of areas of the hotel redevelopment.  

The reception and lobby is the newest area to receive a transformation and is now the focus and first impression from a guest perspective of the luxurious interior space complimented by dpa’s lighting design.

The hotel is adorned throughout with stunning flower displays with the central display to the lobby being a particularly important focus and feature. New lighting was integrated within the large crystal chandelier to both accent the floral display table but also provide sparkle to the fixture itself.

Additional highlights to the interior include lighting integrated into the various interior architectural details within the ceiling and walls to enhance and expose the materials with soft washes of linear LED lighting.  This is complimented with punches of accent light to individual details, features, and art pieces. Carefully selected picture lights also help to provide further focus to the decorative collections around the perimeter.

Finally, and important for the transition of the main entrance to all facilities, an architectural lighting control system was used to provide the appropriate mood and ambience of the spaces creating bright and inviting spaces during the day and more moody, cosy spaces within the open areas at night.

Client/Operator: Mullingar Park Hotel
Interior Design: Angela Amesbury
Photography: Noel McIntyre – Motion Picture Media