The Place, Tainan

Hotels / Restaurants & Bars

The Place, Tainan is an interesting hotel in downtown Tainan’s East District conceived by the Dutch Architects Mecanoo and Client Hotel Royal Group. It  reflects and connects with the local culture, city and landscape and is beautifully presented with a contemporary ‘Dutch twist’ on the design. The result is a vibrant and stunning guest experience from the Reception Lobby, Cafe and shop at Ground Level through to the upper levels of restaurants, bar, meeting and gallery spaces as well as the stunningly simple and stylish rooms.

Natural daylight was in abundance so lighting control was an important lighting component and provides the seamless transition from day to night in all areas.

The rooms are modest but appear spacious with lighting ‘floating’ various planes and volumes to provide visual interest and define the sleep, relax and work zones. The dark materials are also offset with lighting to add further drama to the spaces at night.

For the public areas , dpa worked closely with Mecanoo to develop an overall lighting approach with lighting concealed where volume and planes needed separating and softening as backdrops to very human spaces with decorative elements providing soft intimate focus or dramatic accent to objects and materials.

The result is an impressive working of materials , planes and volumes that connect and float with lighting playing an integral part to their harmony.

Client: Royal Management Consultant Co, Ltd
Operator: Hotel Royal Group
Architect and Interior Designer: Mecanoo