Lobby at the Hilton Hotel Milan, Italy


Working closely with The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd and Sweett Group (now part of Currie & Brown), dpa lighting consultants were appointed to design a lighting scheme that would be in keeping with the proposed interior design plans for the refurbishment of the Lobby at the Hilton Hotel Milan.  The lighting needed to emphasise the modern and sophisticated space, with a design that not only presented a consistent ambience throughout, but also created a zonal separation to the Concept 45 Bar & Restaurant, Reception, Lounge, Library and Lift Lobby.  By utilising ceiling coves, furniture and fixtures to integrate concealed lighting, dpa were able to add interest and focus to particular elements of the interior, with supplementary downlighting to highlight artwork, tables and points of interaction, such as the bar and check in desks.  Task lighting was also implemented to provide functional lighting for staff in the Concept 45 Bar & Restaurant and Reception.

Warm white, dimmable, 2700K LED fixtures were specified and installed throughout, to reduce energy and maintenance costs and a lighting control system was installed to give the flexibility required for the lighting to adapt to suit the hotel’s needs throughout the day.  The control system installed includes an astronomical time clock that automatically sets the lighting scenes to allow for a smooth transition between day and night and there are control plates within the Concept 45 Bar & Restaurant and Reception, to allow for further control of the lighting should the staff wish to change the lighting scene, or raise/lower the light levels.

Photography Courtesy of Beppe Raso & The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd