Al Maktoum Residence, Dubai, UAE

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The house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum was built in 1896 and was inhabited by the Sheikh from 1912 until his death in 1958. Al Maktoum Residence charts the meteoric rise of Dubai from regional town to global metropolis. Visitors to the museum will gain a fascinating insight into the history of this pioneering region and its most famous family, history and conflicts.

The museum consists of over 30 rooms, each dedicated to differing narratives of the Al Maktoum Family. From the terraces you can appreciate the historic view of Dubai Creek and the Persian Gulf whilst on the other hand the contemporary city skyline reminds you of Dubai’s ambition and future direction.

Working closely with GSM Project, dpa developed a lighting scheme to help the viewer understand the significant local, regional and global contexts of the Al Maktoum Family, Dubai and their closely interwoven heritage.

In conjunction with the Perfume House and Story of the Creek, dpa developed a robust, pragmatic yet flexible lighting concept that enabled all aspects of the Al Maktoum Residence experience to develop at an individual level.

Architectural features have been highlighted to enhance the traditional building materials and techniques, whilst contemporary exhibition interventions are dealt with sympathetically.

Conservation played a major role in the illumination of certain spaces. Lighting equipment was sensitively located in order to provide maximum function with minimal impact.

Technology has formed a significant part of the realisation of this project. A sophisticated, dedicated architectural lighting control system forms the backbone of the scheme, ensuring the correct operation of the system whilst delivering flexibility along with cost and environmental benefits.

Client: Dubai Municipality 
Interior/Exhibition Designer: GSM Project
AV Consultant: XYZ Cultural Technologies
Photography: Alex Jeffries Photography Group
Visuals: dpa lighting consultants