Perfume House, Al Shindagha Museum, Dubai, UAE

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Located within the dynamic and ever evolving Shindagha district this new addition to Dubai’s renowned cultural quarter, the Perfume House represents a valuable insight into Emirati Culture, Social Rituals and Heritage.

The re-appropriation of the building, consisting of one main covered gallery with smaller galleries and an external courtyard, help to trace and define the narrative of scent and perfume making through the ages.

Individual galleries tell the story of the regions complex and personal relationship with scent and perfume whilst detailing the geopolitical and demographic impact associated with the inevitable trade routes that developed and strengthened over time.

GSM Project developed a blend of traditional, contemporary, unique, interactive and immersive spaces that delight the senses whilst delivering a strong educational and heritage message.

dpa responded to this brief through the development of a robust yet flexible lighting concept that enabled all aspects of the museum experience to develop at an individual level.

Traditional exhibits such as vessels and stone work were illuminated to enhance their tactile and material qualities. More contemporary exhibits such as interactive screens and scent stations demanded a less intensive approach to illumination.

The building itself is a canvas upon which the exhibition is cast.

Extensive use of existing architectural features have been highlighted to reveal colour, contrast, form and texture helping to complement and reinforce the sense of heritage within the building.

Technology has formed a significant part of the realisation of this project.  A sophisticated, dedicated architectural lighting control system forms the backbone of the scheme, ensuring the correct operation of the system whilst delivering flexibility along with cost and environmental benefits.

Client: Dubai Municipality
Exhibition Designer: GSM Project
AV Consultant: XYZ Cultural Technologies
Photography: Alex Jeffries Photography Group