Amaya Restaurant, London, UK

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Masala World Ltd who owns a number of Indian restaurants such as Chutney Mary, Veeraswamy and Masala Zone approached dpa to design the interior and exterior lighting to Masala Worlds most notable restaurant to date. The name Amaya means without boundaries, which is intended to be reflected in the cuisine with the influences gathered throughout the length and breadth of India.

The main emphasis of the restaurant is the open show kitchen to the far end. The brief was to make this the jewel of the restaurant where theatre would take place from the chefs various tandoor ovens, grills, fresh seafood and vegetable displays and wonderful backlit oil wall display as a backdrop to the kitchen.

The challenge for dpa was to adopt a broad thinking approach to the design with lighting components coordinated into this rich interior. The interior is complemented by its variety of materials and textures which are further accentuate by what we feel is a vital ingredient, light.

Client: MW Eat
Interior Designer: Design Wilkes
Architect: Crispin Wrig