Awaji Doll Joruri Pavilion, Japan

dpa lighting consultants work in Japan reflects the diversity of the Practice’s activities globally, we are proud to be involved with such a wide range of project types which provides intellectual stimulation as well as a broad opportunity to learn from different schemes. We were delighted to be awarded the role of Lighting Designer on this project by Endo Shuhei Architect Institute Inc.

This theater presents Ningyo-joruri, which is played by the puppets with the Japanese traditional narratives. One puppet and three puppeteers play as one.

dpa lighting consultants proposed the light design concept of the house lights and the showcase lights at the back of the seat in the theater. The house lights deliver the light to aisles and highlight the wall dressed by roofing tiles which are produced in Awaji.

The project shows how simplicity can be just as effective as more complex and sophisticated solutions.

Architect: Endo Shuhei Architect Institute Inc