Balanstrasse Haus 24, Munich, Germany


dpa were appointed by Allgemeine SÜDBODEN to design the lighting of Haus 24, part of the expansive Neuen Balan Campus in Munich, working in close collaboration with Weickenmeier, Kunz + Partner architects.

Haus 24 is a striking and futuristic looking penthouse office space, overlooking the campus. With extensive glazed surfaces, the building presents itself against the Munich nightscape as a warmly lit, largely transparent volume.

dpa designed a lighting scheme that integrates the architectural lighting equipment within the fabric of the building as much as possible, whilst retaining obvious decorative elements to complement the modern interiors and provide a homely, warm layer of ambient illumination. The lighting scheme is controlled by a sophisticated architectural lighting control system that enables the seamless selection of scenes according to the time of day and the ambient atmospheric conditions, in close cooperation with a shading system that controls the ingress of natural light.
The end result is a superbly flexible working space that can accommodate a wide range of functions, within an ever expanding business hub in the city of Munich.

Client: Allgemeine SÜDBODEN Grundbesitz AG
Architect: Norbert Weickenmeier and Weickenmeier, Kunz + Partner Architects
Electrical Consultant: ITG
Photography: Stefan Müller-Naumann