Balanstrasse Haus 27, Munich, Germany

Haus 27 is the latest completed project in the ever expanding Neue Balan Campus, Munich. In 2007 Allgemeine SÜDBODEN Grundbesitz AG started to enlarge the campus by renovating existing office buildings and developing new ones, since then the campus has attracted a varied range of tenants from IT to fashion.

The building sits in a prominent location at the intersection of St.-Martin-Straße and Balanstraße and now forms the primary campus gateway building. dpa were commissioned to produce a lighting scheme for the façades, exterior social spaces and foyers.

For continuity of the exterior lighting strategy, as with Haus 14+26, the slab edge at each floor level of the principal façade has been illuminated with an internal detail, carefully coordinated with the architect. In addition, a thin exposed line of light terminates the architecture at the roofscape. The external columns have been lit with in-ground recessed uplights to provide rhythm and articulation to the architecture. The social spaces include uplit trees, integrated handrail lighting to steps and a family of lighting posts that suit the architectural character.

When entering Haus 27 you are greeted by two large foyer spaces, with exposed concrete elevations, glass lift lobbies and mirror artwork. The low glare ceiling recessed downlights and wall washers create a bright and welcoming space, whilst being minimal in scale.

dpa are currently working with Weickenmeier, Kunz + Partner Architects on several other projects on the Neue Balan Campus, including Haus 28, which will sit alongside Haus 27 and further expand the commercial offering of this impressive site.


Client: Allgemeine SÜDBODEN Grundbesitz AG
Architect: Norbert Weickenmeier and Weickenmeier, Kunz + Partner Architects
Electrical Consultant: ITG
Photography: Stefan Müller-Naumann