Level Kids, City Walk, Dubai, UAE


Lighting Brief

Located in City Walk. dpa were responsible for the lighting design for all entrances, central atrium, internal circulation/retail and the external facades, working initially with Fitch, London on the Concept Design and Chalhoub Group Creative Department, 3D on implementation and through to completion.  dpa also provided an advisory role for many of the tenant units, providing review, comment and sign off on the lighting design in line with Chalhoub Group’s standards document.


Comprising 10,000sqm of retail space, 300+ designer brands spread across three floors, the project was completed in approximately 12 months.  dpa spent hundreds of hours on site, coordinating with the client, project Consultants, Contractors and Manufacturers to ensure the design intent was realized and the final lighting installations were technically sound and aesthetically pleasing despite the numerous on-site changes imposed during installation.

Level Kids is a unique concept and a universe for parent and child. Upon entering, the guest is taken on a sensorial retail journey starting from the ground floor being  ‘the crystalline waters’, first floor being a ‘flowering desert’ and second being a ‘enchanted sky’. These are enhanced by several special feature areas: ‘enchanted walkway’; ‘skywalk’, ‘shoe safari’ and a number of unique ‘icons’.  Additionally extensive use is made of media screens, with bespoke content developed by KIN design London, and back-illuminated ceilings.  The lighting design is integrated with, and re-inforces, these diverse elements.

Given the diversity of visual attractions and features it was important that the ambient and display lighting was visually neutral, and was not intrusive, ensuring the feature elements are visually dominant.  To achieve this a minimal visual palette of products was selected, both the selected downlights and track luminaires accommodating various optical distributions and lumen packages to cater for the variable parameters across the interior volumes.

“The retail landscape of tomorrow is all about experiential retail design, a landscape where consumers are looking for meaningful shopping experiences that are emotional and engaging multi-sensorial journeys. Our collaboration with DPA provided the atmospheres and lighting schemes that enhanced our store concept beautifully”  

Linton Crockford-Moore, CHALHOUB Group Creative Director.

Client: Chalhoub Group
Interior Design Concept: FITCH
Interior Design Implementation: Chalhoub Group