Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal

Public Buildings

The Champalimaud Foundation have created ‘The Centre for the Unknown’, which is a World class Cancer Research and Treatment Facility in Lisbon, Portugal.

The following extract taken from the Foundation’s website, provides a little more detail about the Centre:

“The Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown is a multidisciplinary centre for translational research of excellence. The Centre includes laboratories for basic and clinical research, an ambulatory care centre, a vivarium, an auditorium, conference rooms, teaching facilities and an exhibition area. The state of the art facilities for basic and clinical research and for teaching will foster front line research as well as post-graduate and doctorate programmes, and the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and cancer patients.

In order to honour the historical relevance of the site – from where the famous Portuguese navigators departed in the 15th and 16th centuries – and to promote the relationship of the citizens with the sea and the “unknown”, the research centre will allow free access of the public to the waterfront through wide landscaped areas around its buildings”.

dpa lighting consultants were responsible for designing the internal and external lighting to all areas. dpa worked closely with Concept Architect Charles Correa, The Foundation and the rest of the professional team on one of the most special projects the Practice has been fortunate to work on. The lighting of each space has been carefully considered to enhance the experience of those working or visiting the complex. The lighting responds to the architectural forms and materials exposing them sympathetically.

Client: Champalimaud Foundation
Architect: Charles Correa Associates and Hillier
Project Manager: Glintt