Chase the Dark 2015 Arête apasionado

Art & Exhibitions

On 1st October 2015 IALD members created temporary lighting displays during a 24 hour period as the sun set westward across the globe.

The results were captured via social media to display the creativity and diversity of the lighting design profession.

Akihiko Kawabata, Partner of our Japanese Studio used the flashlight function on his smartphone to create a unique lit effect and transformed his phone in to a lighting fixture. He captured his work as a photo and shared it via Twitter using the hashtag #IALDchasedark, and watched as the lighting design community brightened up the globe one time zone at a time.

In this piece Akihiko-san has created a Silhouette of a flamenco dancer who is wearing pierced flashing earring. This makes us reflect upon her life as a Flamenco dancer, and imagine the story behind it.

This work uses two smartphones to create the lighting effects for Flashlight and Silhouette.