Crystal Mozart, Crystal Cruises


dpa has worked on numerous projects for Crystal Cruises expanding fleet over the last 15 years. Crystal Mozart is the latest vessel to be launched last Summer, and is their first River Yacht, which is setting new standards of luxury for this market. Crystal are passionate about the quality of every aspect of their offer including the lit environment, dpa worked closely with Alexandra Don and the Design Team to light all the Public Areas, Suites and external elements of the vessel.

The lighting is illustrated in the following pictures and the intensity from day to night can be altered to create the most appropriate atmosphere as daylight changes. Guests have full scene set control of their suites to change the mood as they feel appropriate.

Client: Crystal Cruises
Interior Designer for All Internal and External Public Areas: AD Associates, London
Interior Designer for the Guest Suites, Circulation & Reception: IIBYIV Design, Toronto
Photography: Sim Canetty-Clarke