Crystal Serenity, Apropos


Crystal Cruises lead the industry in providing the most luxurious experiences with the highest quality of service, food and surroundings. Crystal strive to ensue their vessels are continuously refreshed and respond appropriately to the needs of their guests. In 2011 Crystal Serenity under went a huge r

efurbishment in just 14 days at Dry Dock. Over 500 guest rooms and suites were completely updated together with two shops.

For those who have only worked on land based projects it is difficult to understand how such a huge amount of work can be implemented in such an incredibly short period of time.

Apropos, one of the retail outlets onboard Crystal Serenity, was stripped back to the steel work and completely refurbished, the result is stunning. New floors, ceilings, walls, displays and lighting. The lighting is a combination of integrated light using primarily LED sources within the display units and spot lighting from ceiling slots at high level. The store is dramatic and theatrical with polished stainless steel rings forming screens and reflecting light, gloss surfaces and carefully displayed merchandise.

The lighting is linked to a computer controlled scene set system that combines optimising the lighting effects depending on the time of day with energy saving.

Client: Crystal Cruises International
Interior Designer: IIbyIV