Crystal Symphony, Crystal Cruises

As part of the 2017 dry dock project for Crystal Symphony, dpa were invited to design the lighting for the refurbishment of the main dining room (rebranded as “Waterside”), the Trident Grill, Scoops Ice Cream Bar and the newly formed Silk Restaurant and Silk Bar, as well as two decks of guestroom corridor. dpa worked closely with Alexandra Don from Crystal Cruises and AD Associates to develop the lighting design for each venue.

Waterside underwent a detailed refurbishment whilst retaining several elements and the overall space planning. The lighting was enhanced with completely new bespoke decorative ceiling features, new perimeter wall lights, integrated lighting within new decorative screens and additional spotlighting of tables to suit the improved number of covers.  Upgrades were also made to the lighting control system and the scene setting was overhauled to suit the new interior colour scheme for the venue.

The Silk Restaurant and Bar were created by completely re-planning the existing Trident area. A central screen with feature artwork to both sides divides the space into a dining area with tables and a more relaxed bar space with soft seating.  dpa utilised the new architectural features to re-imagine the space with integrated lighting elements to screens, decorative wall features, bar counter and displays and the new fractal ceiling structure that covers both areas. At night the restaurant and bar are bathed in soft blue light from the uplift roof structure and the intimate atmosphere is completed with battery powered candles to each table and festoon lighting above the informal bar seating. The Trident Grill and Scoops Ice Cream Bar were retained alongside the restaurant and refurbished to the same high level of detail, serving informal lunch offerings during the day.

The guestroom Corridors at the Penthouse decks were upgraded to a full LED solution, to suit the introduction of new Suites and maintain Crystal’s commitment to saving energy across the vessel.

As with all dry dock projects, the timescales were extremely tight during the design phase as well as during the refurbishment, both of which provide challenges and rewards, as we witnessed the exceptional transformation of the spaces in a little over 3 weeks.

Client: Crystal Cruises
Interior Design: AD Associates