Darc Awards 2021 : Supermassive Black Hole

Art & Exhibitions

dpa were invited to create a light art installation in collaboration with Tryka to be displayed during the [d]arc Night event on 31st March 2022 celebrating the darc Awards 2021.

The brief for the Darc Awards 2021 Darc Night was to create a light art installation inspired by a song related to lighting. dpa chose the song “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse.  A relatively simple shape was created by stretching flexible RGBW LED tape along a metal radial structure mimicking the gravitational field of a black hole. Careful and creative programming allowed us to generate movement and dynamism to express the vortex movement of the stars precipitating towards black holes in a spiralling movement.

Photography by Tommaso Gimigliano, Associate – dpa lighting consultants