EE, Westfield, London


EE, the UK mobile network operator and internet service provider, has developed a new retail store concept with leading UK retail designers Dalziel & Pow. dpa lighting consultants were appointed to develop a new lighting concept for the flagship stores and for the second tier store roll-out. The first flagship store, known as EE Studio, is in Westfield, White City, in London.

The retail offer from EE covers many elements, and a vibrant and immersive store concept was developed to excite and engage the customer and lead them around the store on a journey through the full offer. This included a ‘digital spa’ where customers can spend some time switched off from their connectivity.

The Westfield store has a double-height frontage, the ‘Welcome Zone’, which has enabled D&P to create a dramatic and imposing entrance and lounge/waiting area (Basecamp). This is enhanced with self-illuminated and suspended brand features, comfortable lounge furniture for meet and greet, and consultation. The ceiling of the store which then drops down to around 4 metres is created with a grid of circular sound absorbing discs.

Throughout the store, D&P have developed a display and hanging system utilising a scaffold pole system. The lighting is designed to be completely flexible, therefore tubular lighting track to the same size and finish as the scaffold poles is integrated through the system to provide both ambient and display illumination. The intention is that the lighting system is very effective but visually discreet. There are many different pieces of display furniture around the perimeter and in the centre floor; many of these also have integrated lighting for display and feature effect.

The store is split into a number of zones such as a series of residential room sets, a flexible central stage area, a gamezone, tech innovation display, and digital spa as already mentioned. A fully flexible lighting control system is programmed to have different lighting scenarios for each zone, and these are in turn interfaced with the store audio visual system. This is all used by the store consultants to illustrate the flexibility of everything that EE has to offer their customers and promote excitement in the brand, leading hopefully to a purchase!

As would be standard, the light fixtures are selected for optimum light quality and glare control, all fixtures are fully dimmable for scene setting. The spotlights have a special colour finish to match the overall concept.

Client: EE
Interior Designer: Dalziel & Pow
Photography: Courtesy of EE