Executive Jet Terminal,
Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai, UAE

Daylight / Exterior & Masterplanning / Leisure / Public Buildings

dpa lighting consultants designs for the exterior and interior lighting to the Executive Jet Terminal were completed and the project officially opened in December 2016.  Working with the Client, Dubai South, the Project Architects, SIE, Interior Designers Strata Design and Landscape Consultants Desert Ink, the design team collaborated on this fast track upgrade to the recently opened Executive Terminal Facility.

The exterior lighting has been designed to maximise the architectural form of the building and its low, sweeping, aerodynamic form and entrance canopy.  This is achieved by ensuring that key vertical and horizontal surfaces are appropriately illuminated, with specific emphasis at the recessed entrances and entrance portals.  A key factor in emphasising the overall architectural form is the lack of visually intrusive lighting columns immediately in front of the Terminal.  This is achieved by utilising low level lighting from bollards and in-ground luminaires to each of the drop-off driveways, planting and water features.  The drop-offs are accessed from the primary vehicular route, itself illuminated from visually minimal lighting columns.

The interior lighting is designed to maximise the internal volumes and forms, with the principal central axis celebrating the view beyond the Terminal’s interior to the Executive Aircraft parked on the apron, with the main airport and runways beyond.  The ‘layered’ ceiling is extremely clean, the only visible lighting being strategically located downlights illuminating the suspended artwork that reinforces directionality and the principal view out towards the airport beyond.  The downlights not only enhance the artwork, but subtly cast light and shade downwards helping to further break up the large expanse of floor.

Either side of this principal central axis are the waiting lounges and support facilities for the executive travellers, these being located within sunken enclosures, partially concealed behind decorative fins. These fins have integrated lighting within their ‘outer’ vertical edge to further enhance their presence, with an identical lighting detail providing internal definition. The principal source of ambient illumination within the lounges is provided from back-lit stretched fabric ceiling panels, with decorative luminaires providing a more intimate scale.

Finally the internal wall of the arrivals/departure hall comprises internally illuminated entrance portals at each of the lobbies, with adjacent decorative feature panels comprising decorative cut-outs that are internally illuminated.  These elements are mirrored in the reflective flooring to create a memorable, but contrasting image to that experienced when first entering the Terminal.

Client: Dubai South
Architect: SIE Consultants
Interior Designers: Strata Design
Landscape Consultants: Desert Ink
Photography: Courtesy of SIE Consultants