Fine Blooms, Dubai, UAE


dpa were proud to work on this ’boutique’ flower shop located in the Box Park retail district of Dubai.

We worked closely with London based interior designers Universal Design Studio to develop a multi-layered and highly controlled lighting solution for each of the small zones within the store.

These zones comprised the main shop and display area, the consultation area, the refrigerated flower storage room, and the preparation room. All these spaces could be viewed by the customer.

One of the challenges with this project were the space parameters in that the plan dimensions were quite small in comparison to the height. Additionally there is an open ceiling such that the lighting had to work around the other services. A suspended track and spot solution was used with a very narrow beam lensed spotlight to accent the displays with negligible stray light. This allowed for excellent ambient and display lighting within the space constrictions. A second challenge was the refrigerated room for the flower storage which has a patterned glass wall to show the flowers to the customers in an abstract way. The temperature is required to be 4 degrees to keep the flowers fresh and we detailed the lighting to show the colours through the glass with also a decorative lighting element. Additional decorative lighting was applied throughout the store to accentuate a luxury residential feel. All light sources were very high quality warm white LEDs with spectrum suitable for high colour resolution of the flowers and interiors. Also a dimming system was employed to tailor the lighting for daytime and nightime as the store stays open late in the evening.

Client: Fine Blooms
Interior Designer: Universal Design Studio