Finz , Beach Rotana, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Finz at the Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi is a recent refurbishment of an old favourite fish restaurant in the Capital City. Offering inventive and exquisite dining in a chic modern setting with romantic views across the water, Finz is a firm destination for those wanting a rich and enjoyable evening experience.

The main structure of the restaurant was retained during the refurbishment, but the feel and movement of the space was redesigned. The brief for the lighting design was to lift what was previously a dark interior and help reinforce the new modern and open voluminous space. A desire was expressed by both the hotel operator and interior designers to keep the ceiling free form clutter, and any lighting equipment introduced had to be minimal and discreet. The challenge for the lighting was therefore threefold; provide functional lighting for the day and evening, create a warm, inviting focus driven lighting scheme and finally to be as simple and elegant as possible. In addition, emphasis had to be given to the show kitchen and DJ station whilst keeping an overall balance and harmony.

To provide a sense of space and volume to the interior, linear LED profiles were routed into the existing roof supporting structures gently washing the ceiling in warm white light. All of the profiles and wiring were completely concealed from view. Very discreet, elegant, colour matched suspended spotlights were introduced in key areas to accent light the tables and provide a low circulation level of light. Additionally, supplementary colour matched surface mounted spotlights were located in the beams for highlighting to artwork and features. Display, shelf and wine lighting were carefully integrated to be completely concealed and provide lighting just where it was required.

On the exterior terrace, the lighting was kept deliberately to a minimum to preserve the views out across the water. Candles are predominately used on the tables, with miniature brass spotlights tucked up in the overhang to raise the light level if required. The surrounding glass balustrade has a custom concealed LED edge lighting detail to provide a soft boundary to the terrace.

Because of the nature of the project and the number of different lighting techniques, product and lamp selection was very important to ensure a colour consistency across the spaces, and also ensuring the best dimming compatibility with the lighting control system.

Client and Operator: Rotana
Project Manager: Beach Rotana
Interior Designer: LW Design Group