Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


The Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh is an established property that has undergone a major refurbishment which includes re-presenting the main Entrance Lobby and Tea Lounge whilst restaurants have also been reinvented with striking new interiors.

The main Lobby is a large space with dramatic and powerful vistas. The importance of water in the region has been recognised with the inclusion of a large vertical water feature and sculpture, carefully lit from below with light integrated into the structure and from higher level with concealed projectors on the opposite side of the space. The structure at high level is exposed with appropriately positioned light sources grazing light across the complex surfaces. At low level vertical slatted screens have been introduced to break up the space and with light placed between each fin at low level their form is further expressed and enjoyed.

Features in the space are highlighted with light and the dramatic art installation behind the reception desk is illuminated to expose its 3 dimensional qualities and forms. This has a floating line to the top and adjustable wall washes providing direct light onto the feature. The reception desk sits in front with again light floating it under the counter and at skirting level.

Elements Restaurant at The Four Seasons Riyadh offers a variety of cuisines through out the day and night. Unlike most All Day Eateries this facility provides the highest quality of food in luxurious and visually stimulating surroundings.

The lighting has been carefully conceived as part of the overall design philosophy with the show kitchens and displays having a dramatic and theatrical quality. The lighting consists of a combination of elements, integrated light within counters at low level, integrated light within high level canopies and cornices, highlighting of displays and tables with narrow beam spotlights and a variety of decorative luminaires.

All the lighting is connected to a computer controlled pre-set scene setting system that has been carefully organised to provide the perfect atmosphere at each moment of the day and night.