Gateway Park Hubs, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Working in conjunction with our Client ALDAR, Cracknell Landscape Architects and manufacturers Siteco, dpa have produced the lighting design for the Gateway Park Hubs, YAS Island, Abu Dhabi.

ALDAR’s vision for YAS Island is to create a world class development incorporating residential communities, resorts, leisure attractions and a retail centre. The development includes a fully integrated road and rail transport infrastructure appropriate to serve World destinations such as the F1 Grand Prix circuit. The two Gateway Park Hubs are key elements of this network serving the function to link the main car park and the Gateway Park to the public transportation system and to hosting, within a 120 meters diameter area, a number of bus and Light Train platforms.

The client requested the introduction of a unique, outstanding, distinctive element at the centre of these areas, with the intention of providing a recognisable and memorable identity to the spaces. The intent of the Lighting Design scheme was also to minimise the number of lighting columns and ensure adequate illumination levels were provided to these potentially busy areas.

The design team created two 39 metre high lighting masts, based on an indirect lighting system, within a time frame of only seven months from the outset to completion of the installation.

For this purpose, 17 metal halide fixtures, each using a 1,000W lamp, are concealed within each structure, while over 300 mirrored panels per mast have been carefully located to redirect the light emission where required. This allowed us to avoid further lighting columns within the Hubs, limiting the use of additional fixtures for uplighting trees and feature shading structures only.

The presence of the feature masts dominate the view through the Gateway Park, achieving a clear focusing point and a reference for orientation.

They provide impressive landmarks, which enhance the quality of the Hubs. We believe the lighting design for the YAS Island Gateway Park Hubs is an interesting example of a scheme able to satisfy visual and functional necessities.


Client: ALDAR
Landscape Designer: Cracknell Landscape Architects