Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol,



In order to capture all considerations from a design and operational point, the lighting for the Hilton Hotel Schiphol was looked at in its entirety as a ‘Masterplan’ to ensure all areas flowed as one. The architecture and interiors establish this but the lighting design reinforces this throughout the day and night. It was essential that the lighting design  was integrated and coordinated with the design team Mecanoo Architects and HBA The Gallery, London  and operator to ensure that a seamless and cohesive scheme was met for both aesthetic merit and operational needs as well as provide comfort for a diverse demographic of traveller to this airport hotel. The Client, Schiphol Real Estate was also dedicated to achieving a stunning world class airport hotel with the team. The M&E engineers Deerns from The Netherlands provided essential technical support and coordination throughout the project as did Hilton’s Design team.

The primary design approach was to limit the down lighting and explore the overall ‘architectural story’ by integrating lighting into key interior and architectural features such as the ‘ribbon’ wall which connects the Reception, Lobby , Bar and Restaurant throughout the ground floor spaces utilising backlighting and floating of the perforated ‘ribbon’ wall.

The Atrium is central to the whole hotel from the Ground Floor Entrance Lobby, Restaurant and Bars, through the Business facilities and Spa at levels 1 & 2 and up to the Executive Lounge towards the top of the building. The atrium roof lighting provides a subtle canopy of colour which bathes the atrium walls in a soft wash of light adopting the subtle colours of dusk at sunset. The tiny 500No. 0.7w LED up lights to the copper wall vertical strip details provide a backdrop foil to the internal guest rooms with an added sparkle within the atrium roof light.

This is where the Lighting ‘Masterplan’ helped to plan the use of lighting technology which was driven towards the use of LED lighting. The scheme utilises 95% LED technology but still maintains the ambiance and warmth you would expect. All lighting is dimmable so the transition from day to night is carefully controlled. This is particularly important with the huge atrium space and other areas which benefit from natural light during the day.

Concealed linear lighting within ceiling and wall base details ‘float’ the walls within ceiling coves and balustrade skirting and step details to lighten the walls with concealed lighting from the ground floor areas through the central Atrium and guest corridors; again to reduce the need for downlights and keep the ceiling and walls clean.

Client: Schiphol Real Estate / Schiphol Hotel Property Co. BV
Architect: Mecanoo Architects
Interior Design: The Gallery HBA
M&E Engineers: Deerns
Photography: Courtesy of Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hufton+Crow and Will Pryce Photography