H&M Store, Lincoln Road, South Beach,
Miami, USA

Exterior & Masterplanning

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) have opened their latest Flagship Store at the Lincoln Theatre in South Beach, a previous home for the New World Symphony Orchestra. The theatre was built in 1936, designed by architect Thomas W. Lamb in association with Robert E. Collins and is a stunning Art-Deco building with its sleek, curving shape and intricate stylized floral relief’s.

The lighting design compliments the magnificent building and fulfils the retail needs of H&M without sacrificing the architectural integrity of the building, a crucial requirement of the Miami Conservation Portfolio Board. The interior of the store is visually dominated by the telescopic ceiling of the Auditorium and the Proscenium Arch which accommodates an impressive LED screen, in the space that used to be the theatre stage. The content on the screen together with the carefully integrated colour change lighting to the various concealed architectural details animates the whole space and is visible through the extensive glazed surfaces to the outside. The display lighting has been organised in sympathy with the building and insures products looks dramatic and vibrate. The exterior lighting plays a key role to the success of restoring this iconic building, being respectful to the historical architectural details whilst providing a fresh modern approach aimed to enhance the retail experience.

Client: H&M
Photography: dpa lighting consultants