Industri[us], London, UK

Industri[us] is a not-for-profit enterprise that provides an independent platform for upcycling businesses and start-ups.

Apart from promoting the concept of upcycling to the broader public, the project aimed to transform local derelict sites by bringing attention and social activity to such sites.

Mirroring the concept of upcycling and in the spirit of Industri[us], the lighting equipment was selected on the basis of energy efficiency and flexibility, especially since the pavilion is designed to be “packable” and easy to transport.

The interplay between the translucent cladding and the animated colour changing lighting transforms the structure at night, providing a playful and fascinating background for the upcycling workshops and events.

Never static, the lighting scheme transformed the site into a local reference point, totally altering the character of the pavilion and providing an alternate backdrop for activities.