The Istanbul EDITION, Turkey

The Istanbul EDITION is part of a new hotel concept born from a collaboration between Ian Schrager and Bill Marriott of Marriott International.

dpa lighting consultants were asked by the owner to work with the unique team of designers and visionaries on all aspects of the hotel from the 3 level basement ESPA spa designed by HBA London, to the public areas and guest suites created by New York based interior designers Gabellini Sheppard. dpa also worked closely with Tumay Architecture to create a dynamic lighting system to the façade and general light to the base of the building.

With Ian Schrager Company directing the team, a truly unique quality and mix of design, experience and hospitality has been achieved.

The Istanbul EDITION has 13 floors with a panoramic Penthouse Suite. Amongst the public areas are contemporary interiors with tones of traditional Ottoman style throughout. This includes walls, ceilings and floors lined with mosaic tile, exotic woods, bronze, gold and white gold leaf reminiscent of Ottoman style in all of its splendour.

Turkey, as in most of mainland Europe, the UK and Ireland have been consumed by rising energy costs as well as the ethical concerns we all face for the conservation of natural resources. dpa lighting consultants are extremely conscientious in the approach to lighting design and energy conservation on all projects whether designing an inspiring masterplan in Abu Dhabi or the sensitivity of a spa resort in Killarney.

Lighting has played a significant role in the success of the overall quality, style and ambience to the interior spaces with lighting carefully integrated into the building fabric to express the materiality, space, volume, texture and tone as well as bring out the natural colour pallet which is of rich natural hues. dpa’s challenge was to develop an inspiring and appropriate lighting design for both interior and exterior areas as well as provide an extremely energy efficient lighting scheme.

The lights for the exterior of the building utilize LED “Pixels” over the façade, which are programmed to provide abstract and sophisticated motif designs. Colour is used sparingly to the crown of the building, and concealed linear lighting helps to accent the layers of balconies at ground and first floors, which wrap around the core of the public areas.

The lighting to the entry and lobby (images 1 & 2) enhances the various layers of materials and accentuates the contrasting textures and colours. A comfortable volume is achieved by allowing areas of relative darkness to recede back and provide brighter areas of interest.

Through to the Gold Bar (images 2 & 3) the careful detailing of concealed and appropriate lighting continues with material accent and a careful balance of light. A continuity of this is seen in the mezzanine Drawing Room (image 4) where simple accent to the tables and concealed linear lighting are used sparingly in areas where activity is present and key materials/elements benefit from lighting accent.

As with all areas, layers of lighting are used from low level to ceiling to provide visual interest and balance, which can also be seen in the Guest Suites (images 5,6 & 7).

The Guestrooms follow a similar and sympathetic design approach with careful detailing and integration into the interior fabric (images 5 & 6).

The lighting design for ESPA continues with a sympathetic and appropriate response to accentuate and complement the interesting 3 levels of Spa interior spaces (image 8).

Energy efficient lighting has been utilised throughout the scheme. In particular, linear LED, low voltage cold cathode, low wattage IRC lamping, fluorescent and metal halide light sources have been used.

Finally, an architectural lighting control system seamlessly provides the functionality of scene setting throughout the day and night on both an aesthetic level as well as further reducing power consumption.

Owner: Palmali Group
Operator: EDITION Hotels
Architect: Tumay Architecture
Interior Design (Public Areas and Guest Suites): Gabellini Sheppard
Interior Design (Spa): The Gallery HBA
Spa Operator: ESPA