Kerridge’s Bar & Grill, Corinthia Hotel London, UK

We were delighted to be commissioned by Corinthia London to work with David Collins Studio on the new Kerridge’s Bar & Grill at the Corinthia, which has already received fabulous reviews and is clearly one of the most important restaurant openings in London this year.

David Collins Studio worked closely with Tom Kerridge to transform the space into a sumptuous and atmospheric dining room and bar that was in keeping with the whole ethos of Britishness that Tom wanted for his first restaurant in London.

dpa worked very closely with Simon Rawlings and the team at David Collins Studio from the concept to the final set up, crafting the lighting design. Painting the ceiling dark green and removing the huge chandeliers that were in the space was carefully considered to change the emphasis of the room, bringing all the life, decoration and sparkle down to the lower human levels of both the dining room and bar area. Additional layers have been added with art including two large bronze sculptures by Beth Cullen-Kerridge and three pieces by Robi Walters, as well as the introduction of illuminated gantries over the bar and rotisserie areas.

Each table, the artwork and bar are lit by a series of narrow beam spotlights above apertures in each ceiling bay. At low level there are various decorative lighting elements and integrated architectural lighting throughout the spaces. Each component is separately controlled and dimmed to create the perfect balance visually in the space day and night. As with many of our projects candles are as important, if not more important than all the other lighting elements providing that soft dancing light across the tables and brushing people’s faces with a warm glow. The whole space has a beautiful softness and warmth both during the day and at night.

Client: Corinthia London
Interior Design: David Collins Studio
Artwork: Beth Cullen-Kerridge and Robi Walters
Photography: Cristian Barnett and Kensington Leverne